Thursday, July 16, 2015

Finally, a positive review: "Love and Mercy" is a good story, if you are already sympathetic to Brian Wilson

We finally saw a movie I watched all the way through without resenting.

"Love and Mercy" braids two stories for two ages of  Brian Wilson, the composer youth embodied by Paul Dano, and the casualty manchild disembodied by John Cusack;  Cusack acted it fine, but Dano had the charisma.  The early years thread is rightfully praised for elucidating BW's creative process, working with squarewear classical musicians, the wood-paneled tube and dial board studio, and BW's craft.

Paul Giamatta should get a Best Supporting for the dodgy doctor who controlled BW for years, I love his mad energy every time he's on screen dominating the sheeped out BW.

It isn't short, but it follows a real human story, illuminates a life, does a fair behind the music, it is offers real lessons not Hollywood bromides, so I give it 7 thumbs up.

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