Monday, September 7, 2009

Knowledge is Stupid

Today a lazy St. Monday holiday I idled on internet. I learned:

The Alantic Coastal plain is riddled with large ovoid craters too shallow to be extraterrestrial, but not to be 'ejecta', the stuff flung from volcanoids. And the source is ....Lake Michigan???

The rest of the world is also full of the evidence of holocaustics.

The Lake Toba caldero that blew 75K Y BP and utterly ruined southeast Asia was the biggest one during the last 25 million years, I feel comforted we're past that. It buried India in 6 inches of ash.

Eastern England may have been occupied by a Germanic speaking people before the Romans arrived. There not unassailable evidence of it being Brythonic speaking which has been the received wisdom.

The so-called rules in English against dangling prepositions and split infinitives traced back to class-based prudery and are the tools of the oppressor.

Air France 447 which disappeared over the Atlantic this year may have been the victim of a meteor blowing up in the upper atmosphere, like the huge explosion at Tunguska in 1908, which a mere 100 years ago leveled an area the size of Tokyo.

Myles Standish led a Plymouth force in 1628 to disperse Merry Mount colony in Quincy which had a maypole, and supposedly bachannial practices.