Monday, March 9, 2015

Birdman negative review

Last December we saw a downer movie about unpleasant men and the women who suffer from them called"Birdman" and then it won Oscars.

Micheal Keaton never cracks a smile nor hints at non-unpleasantness as the Hollywood hack vet doing Broadway, and he seems to have the DT's, the film portrays his hallucinations of telekinetics and Birdmanisms inline, is it all in his mind or not, the film ends truthing towards the hallucination translived through his predictably moody-crazy daughter, they are all unpleasant so screw them; the soundtrack is crazy drums and sometimes we see the crazy drummer as Keaton walks about; as Robert Plant said at LiveAid, does anybody remember laughter?

They might as well have filmed this in black and white because the palette was so close.

The one good scene was Keaton walking through Times Square and entering the theatre in his undies, but that could have been done as a Fruit of the Loom commercial.

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