Monday, December 30, 2013

Scenario: Cumin gets huge.

There are many foods and spices with health benefits, but how can one suddenly erupt, like kale, from boring also-ran to godhood adorned with prestigious and pseudo-prestigious branding from the food-industrial complex doping it with its proven addiction enhancers, a crunchy host, saltiness and/or sweetness and/or fat, marketing, an upthumb from Dr. Oz, blogosphere hype, and the resulting buy-now-reflex from hoi polloi Whole Foods shoppers?

Recently there has been mild buzz about cumin, one tip from Dr. Oz and the hype-trigger will blow, the food cartel will clog consumer markets with cuminy processed foods, cumin chips, cumin shakes, cumin flakes, cumin smoothies, cumin pops, cumin cupcakes, cumin frozen yogurt, cumin steak sauces,cumin beer, cumin vodka, cumin lattes, cumin rings, cumin tea, and cumin kale crunches.

But perhaps the next Big Thing is another, so thus in the above paragraph replace 'cumin' with either 'ginger', 'turmeric', 'cilantro', 'clay', or 'seal blubber'

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