Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smart sewage

I see a future soon of being able to know everything about the circulation and use of water resources in the home. Automatic flushing toilet and urinals have been a success story since you no later have to touch unspeakably germ-infested flush handles in public places. 

But with the new sensing technologies. smart plumbing is on the way. Using flow detection coupled with wireless devices all water outlets in the home can be monitored for usage in real-time with web presentation, and smart septic systems will be able to capture information about the materials entering the system and have it remotely evaluated using fecal and urine analysis biotech, and track the chemical balance in the septic tank, report and respond with smart bacteria and nanobots to maintain maximum decompositional environments. 

Is this conceivably a possible porthole for invasions of privacy if somebody can hack into your pipes and download information about what you have been flushing down your toilet? Yes, perhaps what happens in the toilet should stay in the toilet - but I predict once again we will willingly give away our privacy in exchange for the benefits of being wired; we already all carry electronic bracelets called smart phones that track us 24/7 and apparently spy on our usage more than we know, according to recent news about stealth tracking apps installed without our knowledge.

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