Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's emoticonograms' chilling prescience; Biden Consigliere not Shogun

So given the choice between VP and S of S, Biden took the warm bucket of piss which Cheney left glowing toxic; Obama needs no one to prop him up, so Biden learn from Gore.  

Biden says his pillow talk will be in Obama's dreams as he tucks in him.

But watch out, Obama is under a lot pressure having to quit smoking.  People I talk to generally wish he would just take his Rose Garden smoke break if that helps deal with a 100-year-flood economic crisis in full swing.  

Looks like using Hope as a rallying theme may turn out to be astutely prescient, although when it was first deployed, accessorized by banners, due to the then-prevalent delusion of prosperity based on oceans of bad credit risk, it was still more of an attitude than a dire necessity, still more of an emoticonogram like "green" or "balanced", than The Word.

If 2008 was arguably 1929, can we yet say 2009 looks like 1930?  What does 2012 look like if you do the math?   It's global, so we should expect a shake-out of shaky governments.  Countries bullfrogged out by the over-stated prosperity will lose air.  


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