Thursday, October 6, 2011

Request For Proposal: Perpetual holiday lights

Programmable holiday lights, aka Chirstmas lights but each year including more and more Halloween lights, even Valentine's Day lights, so using LED methods, wireless controls, and the kind of programming already abundant in ad tech, scoreboards, and games, created a programmable string of lights.

The Perpetual Holiday Lights, hereafter referred to as PHL, must including APIs for at the least Java, but there will be much extra credit for also shipping API's for Python, Android, Objective-C, and providing apps for use in phones and tablets.

Dynamic aspects:  PHL should be have active display capabilities for the strings as such but also as collections of individuals programmable color nodes with HD flexibility.  In addition to retro blinking, syncopated blinking, and blinking racing along a string, effects should include complex patterns and algorithms, wireless synchronization with music, responsiveness to noises and voices, tactile contact, CO2 sensitivity (i.e., breath on it, it reacts), a reflection mode, temperature and humidity sensitivity, and vibrate mode.  The exact application of each feature must be accessible to the user.  Each string must contain a control unit with a secure connection to the user's iphone /android / tablet / blackberry / computer etc. controller app.

PHL should come with standard package of holiday presets:
Christmas:  The usual, but also synch with any audible Xmas music
Halloween:  Usual orange, white, black, with bloody red accents
Thanksgiving:  Fall colors. brown/red/orange/yellow, with cranberry red accents
Valentines Day:  Red, white, pink,
Hannukah: Blue and white, with gold trim
Kwaanza: Red, green,yellow, black
July 4th:  Redwhiteandblue, but also an approximation of the splendor of fireworks, bright flashes
Easter:  Pastels, I'm afraid.  Sigh.
New Year's Eve: Countdown to midnight in colors, vertical strings in Times Square crystal
Game day:  One's team colors (not only for game day of course)
Boston Pro Sports Mix:  Red-white, green-white, black-gold, silver-blue-white.
Ramadan & St. Patrick's Day:  Green-white.
Cinco de Mayo & Columbus Day: Red, white and green.

The PHL strings should not only be each programmable, but also be able to act as one, aware of and synched with any other PHL registered on the system within range of encrypted communications.
They should connect not through the old electric plug, but through a many-to-many interface of micro USB or something smaller with each other and the wall charger plug.

Provide updates as seamlessly as iTunes.

Plenty of people will spend silly money to obtain them even at steep prices, I reckon even $100 for a standard size tree string, but possibly stupid amounts for house-slathering rolls of 2500 active light nodes.

Ship out the manufacturing to the usual suspects, run some late night TV ads, and set up on online store for selling custom light shows.